• Landfall (install)

Although quite restrained with respect to the minimalist design elements and color scheme, the feeling of this office is very modern – very cutting edge. It is a delight to see a space where the envelope is pushed so far, with so little. With that being said we were very much inclined to go in the opposite direction when selecting artwork for this space. When compared to the office as a whole, even the yellow chairs made a powerful statement. The color itself is warm, inviting and bold. We selected this artwork specifically to build off of that. With how symmetrical the rest of the office was, it was important for us to select art work that was an abstraction; something that was loose and open to interpretation. By not having a very symmetrical composition, the artwork will continue to take on new meanings and provide a different visual experience with each viewing.

Despite how rebellious the artwork is within the confines of this office, neither the artwork, or the architectural layout take away from each other. On the contrary, they build off of and support each other in such a way that results in a very cohesive work space.