Our Business

Künst Identity Group is an international, full-service art firm with offices in Orange County and Los Angeles, specializing in both city and private development projects. We transform public spaces and businesses into engaging visual experiences through cutting edge, innovative art programming.

Not being a gallery allows the firm to provide our clients with an unbiased opinion, and unlimited access to our extensive network of art-related service providers around the globe. Our firm boasts a roster of highly connected and talented individuals with the superior project management, aesthetic, and programming expertise that make us a vital resource in elevating the creative component of your brand and the impact of cultural assets on your community.

Our Vision

As more companies and municipalities are looking to the transformative power of art to introduce visual enrichment to their communities and corporate atmosphere, the firm was created to address the growing demands in both the corporate landscape and of municipal public art programs.


Künst Identity Group is available for private consultations and on-site appointments. Questions regarding our competitive fee schedule may be may be directed to our general inquiries inbox: info@kunstidentitygroup.com